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We have had the good fortune to work in some special places, here is what some of our clients had to say


"Ben and his crew were terrific to work with - they recently did clearing, cutting and chipping on our overgrown 5 acre property to improve the health of the trees, control erosion, and for fire danger mitigation. Ben always arrived when stated, was a pleasure to work with, and worked incredibly hard for a fair price. And a big bonus - he is extremely knowledgeable about the trees and plants and has a great aesthetic sense. Our property looks beautiful!"


IMG_20190921_145213 (1).jpg

"One of the main attractions for me of this six and one half acre piece of land were the trees, exclusively pinon and juniper with a smattering of scub oak. I was excited by the hundreds of young pinons of 4 to 8 feet in height which must have sprung up in the aftermath of the pinebark beetle devastation some ten years earlier. There were many mature junipers and pinons that had survived the plague and dead fallen trunks and branches of those which had not. Somehow, though, the landscape was a kind of blur. Enter Ben with his offer to improve the area with a thinning of small trees (insuring the survival of some, too crowded together for all to do well.) Dead branches removed from mature trees allowed them to achieve a sculptural beauty (I’m especially grateful for the revelation of juniper trunks previously hidden by dead limbs) and, with regard to those that had been allowed to grow too close to the house, significant reduction of fire danger. Ben’s love for the trees and his innate sense of the beauty (often hidden) of the individual specimens was infectious. Thanks to his skill individual trees appeared for my pleasure and I continue to remember him when I see them standing out of what was once a bit of a blur. Ben encouraged my interest in trees, answered many questions about them, and for that I am truly grateful to him. His service to me, not just removing clutter but exposing beauty, was more than worth the price. I will continue to be grateful to him for what he has done for my trees as well as for my appreciation of them. -Bill Johnson, Bobcat Trail, Santa Fe"

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