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Firescaping & Defensible Space

Always Prepared

Firescaping, or fire mitigation, or hazardous fuels management was Rio Responsible Forestry LLC's introduction to private forestry. We do an assessment of how severe fire risk is and develop a plan with the property owner to mitigate carrying fuels. Carrying fuels are what allow the fire to move from one area to another, one group of trees to another, or in the case of carrying the fire from the ground to the canopy via "ladder fuels". Fire mitigation plans generally include reducing fuels in areas of high concern such as near buildings and along roadways, as well as fuel breaks, tree trimming and encouraging a healthier forest by decreasing competition. Having a background in wild land fire we take into account fuel type and loading, topography and general weather patterns of the area.

Firescaping: Services

Examples of Fire Mitigation

Scroll through the photos to see examples of heavy fuel loading that was cut and chipped increasing spacing between trees and eliminating dangerous ladder fuels

Glorieta pre cut
Glorieta post cut
Glorieta post cut
Ponderosa pre cut
Ponderosa post cut
Ponderosa post cut
Firescaping: Gallery
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